Writing winning email press releases

5 easy ways to get the attention of the press using email press releases

OK, so your company is launching a new product that will forever change the way healthcare is delivered. Or you’ve developed new software to help corporations manage customer relationships. Or you’ve discovered a new species of potato bug and can’t wait to share your knowledge with the world. You write a press release and blast it out to every possible editor or content curator you can find.

Enter me, on my first day as managing editor of a magazine that’s not had an editor for nearly six weeks. And no one has checked the former editor’s email. There are 1,007 emails for me to sort through, most of them press releases.

Here’s how to get my attention:

1. Start the subject line with the words: PRESS RELEASE. Then give me a headline that summarizes the release in 10 words or less.

2. Use correct grammar – if you don’t, you’re not a credible PR person in my book. Yes, this even includes the subject line.

3. Know who I am. Don’t pitch me a new mascara line when I work for a business management magazine.

4. Put the important information first, and the company description last.

5. Include contact information.


Any other communication/PR professionals have tips to share?