Technophobes, get ready for the future of healthcare

Meet RoNA (Robotic Nursing Assistant). She’s only one of the hundreds of new, connected technology developments aimed to change patient and provider experiences in healthcare. Designed to lift patients, RoNA reduces injury to nurses and frees them up for other aspects of care. RoNA is only one of the fabulous new technologies I’m learning about over the next few days at the Partners HealthCare Connected Health Symposium.

We’re talking about behavior change – ways to engage patients in their own care – and physician behavior change management – how to get health providers to deliver care differently. Proactively.

We’re talking about crowd-sourcing measurements, so that scientists can predict when you need to get extra rest to avoid a virus, to tell you to stop and call 911 because you’re about to have a heart attack, to forecast the next super-virus and help providers to prepare for crises and emergencies.

New medicine is inherently social. It’s about using our connected devices to monitor our health, and integrating that data into care modules automatically.

As a health communication professional, the education and behavior change possibilities are incredibly exciting as healthcare moves more to improving outcomes, reducing readmissions, and finding ways to measure and integrate quality-of-life data in our care.


One comment on “Technophobes, get ready for the future of healthcare

  1. […] I’m all for technological innovations that improve the quality of our lives, that help us form healthy habits, that remind us when it’s time to get up and move around. The manufacturer, CTA, claims that a chief complaint of parents is that they can’t keep the attention of their children long enough to get them to sit (and use) the potty. While this is true – somehow song and dance, reading books to them (that I held – no pooey hands on library books please!) certainly did the trick for us. As an added bonus, my kids learned how to sing, how to interact with people, and yes… even sat on the potty chair while I used the “big potty.” […]

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