#ThingsGirlsLike – A Trendy PR Campaign

#ThingsGirlsLike is trending like crazy on Twitter right now, and if you’ve ever wondered how to use Twitter Trends to enhance your organization’s public relations campaign, this is a good example.  Amid the rainy days in yoga pants cuddled up with a novel and cupcakes, a few brands have social media staff on top of the trend who are posting their branded-versions #ThingsGirlsLike.

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By monitoring the trends on Twitter, these brands are meeting their prospective publics where they are and staying in the conversation.  It’s a simple idea, but here are a few things to remember:

  • Know your audience. This trending conversation is for you if you are an athletic brand looking to promote yoga pants, or perhaps a candy company launching a new chocolate bar.  If you sell diapers or baby bottles, you might wait for #ThingsMomsLike to start trending.
  • Your comments should relate directly to your brand in an obvious way. You only have 140 characters to reach someone, and at the rate things trend on Twitter, only a few minutes to be effective.  Consider tweeting again in an hour with original content.
  • Be authentic.  And positive. And cleverly G-rated.
  • Link back. Use a URL shortener to link back to your website.
  • Make the most of the opportunity.  It might just be that it’s lunch time as I write… I don’t even eat Kentucky Fried Chicken, yet it seems that the company could have used this trend to generate daypart sales today by offering a discount to people who mention that tweet.

And, if you’re PR campaign is more about your relationship with your spouse, it turns out that #ThingsGirlsLike include more than food and puppies. To gain recognition with this audience, try sending sweet good morning texts (we’ll see if my own spouse actually reads my blog).  As for #ThingsBloggersLike, add comments!!!


For my Valentine: Our love is so great it’s illegal in 40 states (Or, Valentine, Patron Saint of Marriage Rights)

And so the deluge of anti-romantic pessimism on social media begins.  I *might* be a newlywed, but I just don’t get it.  All the hype and drama from single people about how they don’t need another holiday to make them feel more alone (thanks Lady Edith) – not only does it bring me down, it takes the meaning away from Valentine’s Day altogether.  Same with the spouses and partners who somehow don’t seem to make mental notes as they put away the Christmas decorations, and don’t seem to notice when the calendar turns to February.  Do these people NEVER set foot in a grocery store?  I’ve been dodging stray pink helium heart balloons for weeks now.  It’s not a Hallmark holiday like Grandparents Day (I adore my grandparents, by the way, but had to plead my case to a seven year-old this past June when I purchased Father’s Day cards made for Grandpa), or Sweetest Day (perhaps this one’s only in Ohio).  I’ve read about St. Valentine, but never did it strike me as much as it did this year.  This bishop is the patron saint of marriage rights.  Check out this Mashable video (suitable for viewers of all ages):

Why has the LGBT community not adopted this saint yet?  I never expected to be linking to the 700 Club, but even their synopsis of St. Valentine’s legacy is pro-marriage.  Is it just me, or are these folks making a pretty solid case for equal marriage rights here?  I hereby declare St. Valentine to be the patron saint of LGBT marriage rights – and I guess there’s no pope right now to stop me.  Perhaps Illinois will celebrate Valentine’s Day by voting for marriage rights for all later today.

Did you forget Valentine’s Day? There are social media Valentine’s options…  Stop what you’re doing (after you like this post) and text your sweetie a message.  Something like: “I love you.”  Or, “Our love is so intense it’s illegal in 40 states.”  Or go to Mashable.com and print the Valentine you think best suits your love.  There are lots of cute ideas on Pintrest as well.  We’ll be playing Valentine’s math with pink kisses later this afternoon at our house. But, whatever you do, let Valentine’s Day be about the freedom to love, and the power of love – and delight in it!