3 comments on “I’m Dreaming of a (Virtual) White Christmas – Tell Your Friends!

  1. 1smphobe says:

    OK, I’m upping the ante! By sending me wintery pics (with snow; and snow), I’ll enter you into a random drawing (one entry per picture) for a special, secret prize. I’ll then open voting for the “best” wintery picture and the winner will also receive a great prize! So, if you’ve submitted already – thanks! If you’re thinking about it – hurry up! If you don’t plan to – bah humbug! Contributions will be accepted until 12/20/12.

  2. restlessjo says:

    Nice idea! I’ll have a rootle round later (if I rememeber- it has a habit of overtaking you, this time of year, doesn’t it?)

    • 1smphobe says:

      Yes, time flies when you’re having fun (and vacuuming up pine needles and cookie frosting the kids have ground into the carpets)! I’d love to get some more pictures and wish you luck!

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