Having Grown Weary of Replacing Ink Cartridges, Socialmediaphobe Buys an iPad

For years I said I’d never do it. I love the smell of books – the way the coarse, yellowing paper feels in my fingers as I turn the page.  I love the sound of books – the opening and shutting of them.  I write in my books, using them like a diary to record my feelings and thoughts as I read.  I like to pull those dusty books off the shelf from time to time, to flip through the pages and remind myself where I was when I read it, what I was thinking, who I was with.  I underline and highlight – not just my textbooks, but the really well written parts of novels that just jump off the page at  me.  Going back and underlining what I read is part of my learning process: the highlighter, a gluestick for my memory collage.

And yet. I’m taking all my courses online, printing hundreds of pages of research articles each month, and there’s little more frustrating than replacing the ink cartridge twice in one day, or running out of paper with two pages of an article left to print.  There’s no romance to PDFs of research studies.  I don’t cuddle up with my spouse, with a glass of wine and a good journal article by the fire (I still need printed books of poems or novels to complete this scene).  When I went to reorder ink cartridges for the second time this semester, I realized it was time for an eReader (always a late adopter).  The iPad’s been great for studying. It’s fairly intuitive and when I run into trouble or become frustrated, I just ask my kids for help.

In other news: I’ve been working with Prezi, experimenting with a new, multi-media approach to a resume (those in the know call these Prezumes).  It’s fairly easy to use, and I like that it’s interactive and non-linear (much like my career path).  Check mine out and consider making one for yourself at prezi.com.

Some presume tips:

  • Your name should be prominent.
  • Make the path from one slide to the next easy to follow, without a lot of jumping around (your future employer will not be able to hire you if she got so dizzy from viewing your prezi that she passed out).
  • This is a chance for people to get to know your journey in a different, potentially more memorable way.  Don’t just reiterate the things on your standard, formal resume.  Be creative.  Be yourself. Include pictures and items from your portfolio.  Let people see who you are and what you do rather than just read it.
  • This is an opportunity to fill in any blanks left on your resume from periods of unemployment, staying home with the kids, caring for a sick relative, etc.
  • Be sure to include your contact information (deleted from my last slide for the purposes of this blog), and to embed your formal resume as well (some employers still prefer the old black and white versions).

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