Tooth Fairy Failings on Facebook

So, you’ve started a Facebook page for your business, asked everyone in your circle (and their circles) to like it, and feel as if this is a job well done.  In some ways, you’re right: getting started in social media is often the hardest part.  But at this stage, your job is just beginning.

Social media is certainly known for its reach (the number of people who view/interact with your message), but the true value proposition is in levels of engagement.  Just blasting your message out on Facebook isn’t going to resonate with your audience.  Similarly, setting up a page and letting the public comment with no interaction from you is unfulfilling.  Social media is a two-way street.  Success requires both listening and interacting with your audience in ways that are engaging enough to keep the conversation going.

Take the Tooth Fairy for example.  Who knew she had a Facebook page?  My daughter, catching me on Facebook, asked me to search for the Tooth Fairy while wiggling her most recent loose tooth.  

What I found was magical enough to get us both interested: some really great art as the cover photo.

But wait – with more than 950 million active Facebook users, why does this famous fairy only have 1,579 likes?  One could argue that Facebook might not be the most effective social media platform for the Tooth Fairy, as most kids are under 12 when they need her (and my kids won’t have Facebook accounts of their own until at least 12 if I can help it).  It’s important to find out which channels your audience uses and meet them there.  Plenty of parents are on Facebook (guilty), using the platform to share the wins and woes of parenting.  Some parent-kid teams have worked together to post on the Tooth Fairy’s page.

What is missing, and could perhaps drive engagement here, is interaction.  Maybe I’m the only one whose kid asks 1,000 questions per minute and doesn’t rest until she’s satisfied with my answer, but what does the Tooth Fairy have to say for herself here?  Are there fairies-in-training that can respond to these kids?  Without a bit of communications infrastructure, or at least a little follow-up, these kids’ questions are unanswered.

Today’s social media tip is: Respond in kind.

Perhaps the Tooth Fairy did take the time to respond to these kids by leaving a few coins under their pillows. But, if I were a questioning kid, searching the Internet (with my parents!) for answers, I wouldn’t consider this Facebook page to be an effective means of communication with the Tooth Fairy.  How could I even be sure that she’s reading it?

If your customers or potential clients are taking the time to reach out to you, be it through a tweet, a Facebook post, or a comment on your blog, it is imperative that you take the time to answer them on the same medium.

If you are a parent searching for the Tooth Fairy, disappointed that this blog post has been more about social media than proof of her fairy-ness, here’s a more interactive site that’s suitable to view with your kids: The Real Tooth Fairy.


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