Tantrum-Central: Using Prezi

My house has been tantrum-central this week – and very few of them emanated from my kids.  I’ve been pulling out my hair, screaming obscenities at my computer screen, and viewing several (apparently useless) tutorials.

This week I revised a PowerPoint presentation for the San Diego LGBT Community Center and used a new (for me) presentation tool, Prezi.  The original PowerPoint presentation was text-heavy, and the look was out-dated.  It was an un-engaging presentation; its message lost in its busy-ness.

Here’s the original presentation:

Here’s my Prezi version:

I’d never used Prezi before, or any sort of presentation software other than PowerPoint.  There was a fairly steep learning curve for me, but the most difficult part (though less time consuming) was embedding the Prezi into WordPress.  The only way to learn new software or computer systems is to dive in, fail, and keep trying.  And I did… A few times…  Though there was cursing, I experienced significantly less anxiety using this new platform than I did when trying new platforms even 11 weeks ago. Progress!


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